Scot Osterweil
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Scot Osterweil是美国麻省理工学院MIT教育部门的创意总监。 他在学术和商业环境中设计了屡获殊荣的游戏,专注于在具有挑战性的学术主题中真正发挥作用的游戏。 设计包括倍受赞誉的Zoombinis系列(数学和逻辑),《Vanished: The MIT/Smithsonian Curated》(环境科学),Labyrinth(数学),Kids Survey Network(数据和统计数据),Caduceus(药物)和iCue(历史记录)。 他是Learning Games Network的创始人和创意总监,负责盖茨基金会的语言学习计划(ESL),并设计了Quandary,并在2013年第4届Game Change大奖中被评为年度最佳游戏。 他与人合著了《共振游戏Resonant Games》(麻省理工学院出版社)一书,并担任艾美奖获奖亚马逊电视连续剧《飘零叶Tumbleleaf》的编剧顾问。Scot Osterweil以评委身份参加了2018年IC国际青少年创新设计大赛,并向在IC论坛上为IC学生作了报告。

Scot Osterweil is Creative Director of the Education Arcade. He has designed award-winning games in both academic and commercial environments, focusing on what is authentically playful in challenging academic subjects. Designs include the acclaimed Zoombinis series (math and logic), Vanished: The MIT/Smithsonian Curated Game (environmental science), Labyrinth (math), Kids Survey Network (data and statistics), Caduceus (medicine), and iCue (history). He is a founder and Creative Director of Learning Games Network, where he leads the Gates Foundation’s Language Learning Initiative (ESL), and where he designed Quandary, named Game of the Year at the 2013 Games 4 Change festival. He co-authored the book Resonant Games (MIT Press) and serves as the play consultant on the Emmy Award winning Amazon TV series Tumbleleaf. Scot participated in the 2018 IC International Youth Innovation Design Competition as a judge and gave a report to IC students at the IC Forum.